Monday, September 24, 2012

Ah the super powers we women expect our men to possess.  Who cares about leaping tall buildings in a single bound...we women want our men to understand us even when we ourselves don't fully understand what we want or need.  I have found that lately I have been a lot like Opal, expecting Earl to read her mind.  As our many episodes of the twilight zone continue at our house, I am finding this more and more applies to my life.  Poor Bruce for having to interpret the unspoken words that are confusing and frustrating in my own mind.  For all you out there feeling the same way, just remember..."Oh, Nothing" does not mean "Oh, Nothing!"  There is usually some underlying message you are expected to interpret.  Now that I have tuned you in, to this knowledge you may have otherwise forgotten, never walk away and assume all is well.  It may mean someone needs a hug, or I am running on a Two diet coke day, or it could just mean I need to vent the frustration and you are the lucky one that gets to listen or it may just mean that there are many deep thoughts lurking inside the brain that need to be sorted out.  See how many meanings there are to the words "Oh, Nothing."  Let's start eliminating the unnecessary superpowers our heroes have and move on to the really needed superpowers that one can possess and place them at the top of the list.  I will start:  
1) Mind reading. . .

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One day Bruce and I were on our way back to work after eating lunch.  I was driving and I am famous for never using my signals.  This drives Bruce crazy and he reminds me to turn on my signal each time I come to a stop sign or intersection and he knows that I plan to turn.  Well, as usual, I was coming toward an intersection and I did not turn on my signal, but I recognized the lady sitting at the stop sign waiting for me to pass.  So, being the kind and neighborly soul that I am, I waved at the lady.  To which she hollers out her window in a very angry tone while shaking her fist, "USE YOUR SIGNAL!"  These words have become quite the comic relief each and every time we approach a turn, no matter which of us is driving.  We just burst into laughter remembering the day (insert the lady's name here) was so very annoyed that a fellow driver on the road chose not to let her in on their plans to make a turn.  Thanks pickles for once again representing my thoughts exactly. 

Tip for the day:  Never be rude to other drivers, it may come back to haunt you later.  Especially if they know who you are and your eyesight seems to have failed you for a moment while you are filled with anger that they haven't driven the way you wanted them to.  (That includes using turn signals at the appropriate times.)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So, I took the girls to the dentist on Monday and if you can believe it, we have cavities.  I have decided that everything runs in cycles.  One year everybody gets sick and we are forking out all kinds of money on doctor bills and prescriptions.  This year is the year of the dentist.  First, Bruce had a crown pop off while chewing on come lovely tasting sugar babies candy and we had to make an emergency trip to the dentist after hours.  Then it was Cole's turn with her teeth requiring a crown or two after a dreaded root canal.  Then came my turn with a cavity the size of China that I had no idea I had and a crown to go with that.  Next came Ronnie and Becca with cavities and yeah! wisdom teeth.  The fun times keep coming and once again pickles tells it like it is.  They, or shall I say we, continue to think that candy and gum are okay to eat.  Cavities are no big deal, right?! Cedar Dental Center loves us.  Hopefully we will be able to survive the root canals, fillings, and extractions that keep rolling our way this year:)      

Monday, June 4, 2012

If you are reading this blog, you will soon come to realize that the title speaks for itself.  I am new at this blogging business, but everyday I read the comics and find at least one that applies to our family's life in some weird way.  You will soon discover which ones are my favorites.  So, last summer I drove our little green tracker to St. George and as usual mid-July temperatures were well into the 100's.  Sadly enough I blew out the air conditioner, or at least a little aluminum tube that to the naked eye might have seemed insignificant.  Whatever, I am learning that even the tiniest part in a car cost far beyond its true value but people would pay big bucks as the conditions change and the need becomes greater.  Anyway, back to my story and how this relates to my life.  Another year without an air conditioner has created a greater need for this part in our little tracker's existence as temperatures begin to rise well into the 90's here in town.  I have realized that I can handle a lot of different temperatures but heat is not necessarily one of them.  I told Bruce that I have either got to lose some of my skin flaps or at least stop dressing in layers in some way because it is like a sauna riding in that little car, even with the windows rolled down, the top fully open and the heated vent air blowing in your face.  It is amazing how I never thought of skin being an extra layer of warmth until the temperatures began to rise.  Pickles tells it like it is, yet again!     
And this would be our little 1995 Geo Tracker.  Isn't it beautiful?